Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Indian Fabrics To Incorporate In Your Theme

Tired of using the same the red, gold, maroon and orange color palette in for your Indian wedding décor? How about using prints and fabrics characteristic to the Indian cultures as part of your décor! There are many colorful and vivid Indian textiles which are recognized worldwide and can be used in weddings to give it a subtle Indian feel without incorporating over the top props to get the same effect. Your functions can be themed around specific Indian textiles like Bandhini, Ikat, Lehriya, Kalamkari, batik and even textile techniques like block prints and mirror work fabrics.

Ikat designs are created using by tying off bundles of fabric and then dying them, creating interesting patterns in one or more colors. These prints are very famous in the fashion world and can also be used to design unique and interesting wedding stationery and signage. Solid colored cushions can be replaced by cushions with interesting colorful ikat prints. If you are aiming for a traditional look, try using an overlay or runner with an Ikat print instead of the usual red and gold combination, making it casual yet sophisticated.

Although Bandhini’s and lehriyas are very common indian fabrics, their use in weddings is usually restricted only to outfits. These fabrics are very colorful by themselves and hence are ideal for Mehndi and sangeet functions. Bandhini and lehriya dupattas can be used as runners or can also be made into napkins to enhance the table arrangements.

Block Printing involves carving designs into wood blocks and dipping them into colored dye to create repeated border patterns or stand alone designs. A unique way of having your wedding logo, a particular motif  or even your names to be designed on the wooden block and use this on your stationery, wedding linen, décor, napkins etc.

There are numerous such Indian textiles such as batik, kalamkari, Bandej, the different types of embroideries and fabric work native to certain regions of India can be incorporated to spice up your wedding décor and make it one of a kind.

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