Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Indian Fabrics To Incorporate In Your Theme

Tired of using the same the red, gold, maroon and orange color palette in for your Indian wedding décor? How about using prints and fabrics characteristic to the Indian cultures as part of your décor! There are many colorful and vivid Indian textiles which are recognized worldwide and can be used in weddings to give it a subtle Indian feel without incorporating over the top props to get the same effect. Your functions can be themed around specific Indian textiles like Bandhini, Ikat, Lehriya, Kalamkari, batik and even textile techniques like block prints and mirror work fabrics.

Ikat designs are created using by tying off bundles of fabric and then dying them, creating interesting patterns in one or more colors. These prints are very famous in the fashion world and can also be used to design unique and interesting wedding stationery and signage. Solid colored cushions can be replaced by cushions with interesting colorful ikat prints. If you are aiming for a traditional look, try using an overlay or runner with an Ikat print instead of the usual red and gold combination, making it casual yet sophisticated.

Although Bandhini’s and lehriyas are very common indian fabrics, their use in weddings is usually restricted only to outfits. These fabrics are very colorful by themselves and hence are ideal for Mehndi and sangeet functions. Bandhini and lehriya dupattas can be used as runners or can also be made into napkins to enhance the table arrangements.

Block Printing involves carving designs into wood blocks and dipping them into colored dye to create repeated border patterns or stand alone designs. A unique way of having your wedding logo, a particular motif  or even your names to be designed on the wooden block and use this on your stationery, wedding linen, décor, napkins etc.

There are numerous such Indian textiles such as batik, kalamkari, Bandej, the different types of embroideries and fabric work native to certain regions of India can be incorporated to spice up your wedding décor and make it one of a kind.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mehndi Gifts For Your Guests

Welcoming guests whole heartedly, keeping them happy and showering them with gifts is a common sentiment in any Indian wedding, irrespective of class, caste or region. The gifts and favors for every function are carefully picked out and packaged stylishly. The mehndi is a colorful and lively function with lots of ladies and children attending it. Therefore the gifts or favors for the mehndi function are directed more towards ladies.

The gifts for mehndi can be as small as a bunch of bangles to something like a pure silk saree. Cute pouches filled with goodies like bangles, bindis, kajal, studded mirrors are ideal gifts as these are used by ladies in all age groups. You can also opt for a set of jewelry or individual pieces of jewelry like a chic bracelets, anklets and earrings. The latest trends in Indian favors seem to be pure Indian textiles and fabrics like bandhini and lehriya dupattas, Ikat print sarees, banarasi brocade and pashmina shawls. Apart from jewelry, you can also give a pack of scented candles or fragrant incense sets, which are commonly used in every Indian household for prayers. A set of colorful and fragrant tea lights or personalized jar candles also are a good option.

Other ideas? What about a set of bath and body products which can include bath salts, fragrant soaps and other body care products. Since every person has their own preferences, you can have your guests pick out their own choices and make a gift basket for themselves. Perfumes are classic gifts and when you give your guests a chance to make their own perfumes, it adds a level of excitement to your occasion but also encourages creativity. There are many “Make your own Perfume” gift kits available in the market which allows you to create your very own unique fragrances. These kits contain extracts, ingredients and all instructions to make beautiful, handcrafted soaps, lotions and perfumes. These are excellent ideas to involve your guests in your festivities and make them feel special.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Indian Baraat 101

The baraat or wedding procession is the highlight of all Indian weddings. The baraat consists of different elements, which combine to give an extravagant feel to the wedding itself. The baraat usually consists of the groom’s friends and family members who accompany the groom to the wedding venue. The baraat is all about fun and excitement, as it moves singing and dancing to the beats of some popular Bollywood tunes. The groom and his horse are covered in finery, with the groom’s head adorned with a splendid turban and his face may be hidden behind a sehra or a floral veil, adding to the royal feel.

The main focus of the baraat is the groom who is traditionally mounted on either a white horse, a horse led carriage or in some cases, an elephant. In some cultures, the groom is accompanied by a younger sibling, called “sarbaala” who acts as his protector.Today most modern grooms prefer to travel in classic vintage cars which are decorated with flowers or ribbons.

A traditional baraat consists of a group of 12 or more musicians, called the brass band, who play a number of instruments and provide the typical baraat music. These men are usually dressed in striking shite or red uniforms. In some cases, the musical band is replaced by two or three dhol players and bhangra dancers who dance and perform stunts to the beat of the dhol. The entourage may be accompanied by light bearers who carry portable lamps on their head. A beautiful display of fireworks contributes to the excitement and enthusiasm of the crowd. The instruments commonly played in a traditional brass band are trumpets,trombones, tubas, clarinets, cymbals, tabla, base drum and saxophones. On reaching the venue, the baraatis are welcomed with garlands, a spray of rose water and refreshments. The groom is welcomed with an aarti and led to the mandap, where he will await his bride.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Five Ways To Involve Your Groom In The Wedding Planning

As wedding planners, we come across many grooms who do not know what role they can play in planning a wedding and prefer leaving all decisions to the bride. This is because of the misconception that a wedding involves a lot of planning, attention to detail and of course lots of pretty things – shades of colors, types of flowers etc, something which men may not always understand and hence are at a loss as to what they can do to help. So here are some areas where we think, the groom can step in and take control!

Transport - We all know how men love their cars and hence taking care of transportation for the day should be an easy task for the groom.  Depending on the budget, he can pick the best of cars for ferrying your guests and the bridal party, to and from the venues. Surprise your guests with a grand entrance in a limo, a stylish sports car, a vintage Mercedes or even a horse drawn carriage. Hang a “Just Married” sign and string along some empty cans and your all set to go.

Music – If he has a good ear for music, he can work with the wedding band, musicians or the DJ and put together a collection of songs for everyone to enjoy. He can put together a list of songs that you want for your entrance and first dance. In case there are performances, you can make sure that all the songs are put together in a CD and the songs cued for the performance.

Bar – If your groom is a connoisseur of wine and spirits, he must definitely give inputs in the alcohol and bar arrangements for the reception.  Selecting the brands he wants the guests to be served, bottle rates and corkage from the venue, arrangements for returning unopened alcohol, meeting with the bartenders and other service staff are some areas he can handle. He can also come up with a personalized signature cocktail / mocktail list that is sure to jumpstart the party.

Groomsmen – Take full responsibility of things that directly affect the groomsmen and himself. This includes picking out their outfits, coordinating trials, putting together gifts for the groomsmen, arranging a pre wedding rehearsal and briefing them on their roles for the wedding day.

Honeymoon Plans – Your fiancée may not mind if you are not heavily involved in the wedding planning process, but planning your honeymoon is definitely something that is expected from him, he can surprise you! (or both of you together!). From travel arrangements to accommodation,  he can take care of everything and hence he needs to start this well in advance to get the best offers. After planning a fabulous wedding, you need to be pampered and what better way to do this than a well thought out and planned honeymoon!

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Indian Weddings in Offbeat Locations

If you are one of those couples who prefer getting married away from the hectic pace and maddening crowd of today, here is a look at some offbeat destinations which will serve your purpose of a quite serene and beautiful wedding location.

The Himalayas always seems to be associated with cold weather, snow and uncomfortable accommodation. However this illusion is shattered once you visit this beautiful and exotic location. The luscious green forests and the snow capped misty mountains overlooking the lawns provide an ideal setting for professing your love to one another. Between the functions, you can also engage your adventurous guests in activities like trekking, mountain picnics and river rafting or yoga and meditation for the less adventurous.

Surrounded by mystic blue hills, snow capped peaks and numerous lush gardens, the tea plantations of Assam, Darjeeling and Munnar are well known tourists spots in India. There are some tea estates here, which offer quaint cottages surrounded by hills and tea plantations for weddings and honeymooners. Trekking, boating, fishing, cycling are some activities that can be planned for the guests. Apart from this, you can also set up a site visit for your guests or indulge your guests in a tea tasting party where your guest sit back and sample the various aromatic flavors of fresh home grown tea.

The magical expanse of sand framed by a clear blue sky during the day and the soft orange red glow of the fading sun paints a mesmerizing picture for anyone visiting the dunes for the first time. These dunes are perfect for an intimate celebration. Since many of the magnificent palces in Rajasthan have been converted into hotels, these are perfect for a royal destination wedding. Some of these places have private sand dunes, which are maintained, by the hotels. To give your guests a taste of Rajasthan, instead of doing all your functions at the hotel, you can opt between having a pre wedding party or even the wedding ceremony itself at the dunes.

If getting married in the middle of a sea is your idea of a perfect wedding, then the Lakshadweep islands are one of the most exotic destinations in India you can come across. 

These islands are not much frequented by tourists and hence give you a chance of experiencing untouched beauty of nature. With a choice of 36 islands to choose from, you can give your guests the chance to visit beautiful coral reefs, hire a cruise ship or let them choose from snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, para sailing, fishing and other activities.