Saturday, June 2, 2012

Five Ways To Involve Your Groom In The Wedding Planning

As wedding planners, we come across many grooms who do not know what role they can play in planning a wedding and prefer leaving all decisions to the bride. This is because of the misconception that a wedding involves a lot of planning, attention to detail and of course lots of pretty things – shades of colors, types of flowers etc, something which men may not always understand and hence are at a loss as to what they can do to help. So here are some areas where we think, the groom can step in and take control!

Transport - We all know how men love their cars and hence taking care of transportation for the day should be an easy task for the groom.  Depending on the budget, he can pick the best of cars for ferrying your guests and the bridal party, to and from the venues. Surprise your guests with a grand entrance in a limo, a stylish sports car, a vintage Mercedes or even a horse drawn carriage. Hang a “Just Married” sign and string along some empty cans and your all set to go.

Music – If he has a good ear for music, he can work with the wedding band, musicians or the DJ and put together a collection of songs for everyone to enjoy. He can put together a list of songs that you want for your entrance and first dance. In case there are performances, you can make sure that all the songs are put together in a CD and the songs cued for the performance.

Bar – If your groom is a connoisseur of wine and spirits, he must definitely give inputs in the alcohol and bar arrangements for the reception.  Selecting the brands he wants the guests to be served, bottle rates and corkage from the venue, arrangements for returning unopened alcohol, meeting with the bartenders and other service staff are some areas he can handle. He can also come up with a personalized signature cocktail / mocktail list that is sure to jumpstart the party.

Groomsmen – Take full responsibility of things that directly affect the groomsmen and himself. This includes picking out their outfits, coordinating trials, putting together gifts for the groomsmen, arranging a pre wedding rehearsal and briefing them on their roles for the wedding day.

Honeymoon Plans – Your fiancĂ©e may not mind if you are not heavily involved in the wedding planning process, but planning your honeymoon is definitely something that is expected from him, he can surprise you! (or both of you together!). From travel arrangements to accommodation,  he can take care of everything and hence he needs to start this well in advance to get the best offers. After planning a fabulous wedding, you need to be pampered and what better way to do this than a well thought out and planned honeymoon!

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