Thursday, November 10, 2011

Your Wedding Bouquet | Keeping it Indian

A bridal bouquet generally tends to be overlooked in an Indian wedding planning, as it is not considered part of a traditional Indian wedding.  Also the Indian bridal look is very detailed and heavy, completed with a number of accessories and jewelry. Adding a bridal bouquet as an accessory may not be a preference with all brides.

However, we do think it is lovely to add a bouquet – go all out and do everything bridal! In case you do plan to have a Bridal bouquet, you must remember that it will be one of your main accessories on the wedding day. It therefore needs to be simple enough so as not to draw focus away from your outfit and not too colorful or it will clash with your outfit. Your bridal bouquet should reflect your individual style and add an extra bit of glamour to your wedding day attire.

Indian bridal wear is generally heavy, colorful and full of details and embellishments. Hence the flowers used must be monochromatic or single colored so that it does not clash with the outfit. The latest bridal trend is to choose colors, which will contrast the bridal ensemble. Indian brides can go with cream or white bouquets with gold beads or diamonds, which will complement the traditional red and gold bridal attire perfectly and look beautiful in the wedding pictures as well. Some brides also prefer bold colors like purple and deep red flowers, which look beautiful in photographs. The shape of the bouquet also helps to enhance your bridal look. Round bouquets are perfect for a lovely, classic feel whereas over arm and cascading bouquets add a little drama to your outfit. In both the cases, the flowers used should be same or of similar colors. Using flowers in multiple colors will clash against your lehenga, bangles, kalira and other accessories.

Instead of using exotic flowers for your bouquet, you can use local or Indian flowers like marigolds, which are commonly available in the market. The bouquet stem can be accessorized with brocades, ribbons, Indian brooches and peacock feathers to give it an Indian feel. Traditional Indian prints like bandhani and lehriya can also be used to wrap the stem of the bouquet. Do you plan to carry a bouquet? We would love to know! 

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