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Planning a Wedding in India, from Outside India Putting together a well-planned Indian wedding is tough enough; but it gets even more difficult if yo

Putting together a well-planned Indian wedding is tough enough; but it gets even more difficult if you are planning one from out of the country. Many couples that who live overseas decide to come back to India to get married and it’s becoming popular as an ‘exotic’ destination wedding place for non-Indians as well. Although it may seem intimidating to put together a festive Indian wedding when you are thousands of miles away, it can be done with some efficient planning and a lot of patience!

Firstly don’t let your panic or confusion get the better of you. Enlist the help of an experienced wedding planner in the city you plan to get married in or hire a planner that you trust will be able to get the job done irrespective of where they are located. While it’s natural to ask friends or family to help plan your Indian wedding, it may be tough to get your views across over your relatives’ opinions. Having a professional wedding planner will ensure that you are heard.

The popular months for weddings in India spans from September to March, with December and January being the peak of the wedding season. If you are planning to get married in the wedding season it’s important to start booking vendors as soon as possible because everything from venues to apparel designers’ appointments get chock-a-bloc with customers. The kind of venue you decide on also depends on the time of year you want to get married; Summer is extremely hot in most parts of the country to even consider an outdoor day-time event and the Monsoons are just plain messy. The cost of putting together a wedding in India also increases during the peak wedding months, sometimes even doubling your expenses!

An Indian wedding wouldn’t be as much fun without its many functions and festivities. Weddings in India, abound in regional customs, religious ceremonies and family-specific customs. Talk to both your family and in-laws about their wants and what you will need for the ceremonies. Also if you are planning to have your civil ceremony back home make sure you start the paperwork well in advance. Find out what the legal requirements are so you aren’t crunched for time and bogged down with paperwork when you get to India.

It’s tough to get into the swing of things when you are away from home so start the planning process early and start putting aside finances as soon as you are engaged. Talk to your planner or the person helping you plan your wedding as often as possible and make sure you cover all bases. As we know India is a land with more wedding options you can ever dream of…right from clothes to locations, so try and put the worries aside and have fun planning your wedding.

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