Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The concept Sari – Love it!

So, I recently wrote a blog post for my own blog on the concept sari – I love the idea so much that I had to share it here too! The concept sari has been around for a while – but it is quite surprising that a lot of brides I meet have not heard of them.
The concept sari is really easy to wear and manage, more so if you have not worn a sari before. Also, if you plan to dance – then this is for you! It is a ready to wear stitched sari where with one wrap around and throwing the pallu over your shoulder – you are done! How simple is that! And looks just as gorgeous as ever!
Now if you want to get maximum use out of your saris and have a lot of events to attend, you could consider keeping your saris light but go for heavy embroidered or brocade blouses in neutral colors so you can mix and match! Have fun J

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