Friday, June 17, 2011

Candles in your Indian Wedding Décor

Who doesn’t love candles? They add that extra touch as part of the wedding décor and can be used anywhere from the aisle to the centerpieces and even as giveaways. They also create a warm, romantic hue, which is a must for your wedding décor! Here are some ways your can incorporate candles in your décor for your Indian wedding or reception.

  • Diyas are a great option – they come in various sizes and colors too! Diyas can be used in the floral rangoli or even as part of the Mandap décor. If its an outdoor garden wedding, diyas are a great option to line your venue even!
  • Pillar candles with a design, more specifically your theme design used on your invites are a great idea. This will really tie your décor together. These candles in various heights are great for use almost anywhere.
  • Floating candles in an urli with Indian flowers look beautiful and serene always. You could use smaller urlis as centerpieces or larger ones at the entrance of the venue.
  • Another décor idea you could use is tealight holders in Indian designs like chai glasses, lotus or lanterns. Think about your theme and decide what would be appropriate.
  • You could also think about candles as giveaways more specifically scented with Indian fragrances like sandalwood maybe?
Let us know how you plan to use candles at your Indian wedding celebrations. 

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