Friday, June 10, 2011

Ideas to keep the men busy during the Mehendi

Most often, especially when it’s a destination wedding, you have to find something interesting to keep the men busy while the ladies are attending the Mehendi function and getting their intricate Mehendi designs done.

Here are some ideas that we have come up:
Set up a ‘Relaxation’ area for the men – foot massages, cocktails and more. That will give them some recovery time and really a time to do nothing, but chill. Or why not set up a mini casino area – poker, cigars, whisky and the works. Now that will definitely keep the men occupied!
Another idea that is always a favorite during the Mehendi is a cricket match – girls side versus the boys side. Get team jerseys made and even prizes in place – this is sure to be a fun afternoon that may even have the ladies gatecrashing! J

If it is a beach wedding – a game of volleyball on the beach would be quite apt. There are lots of options for a fun afternoon…. We will keep you posted on more…. 

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