Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun for kids at your wedding

Many couples I meet are faced with the dilemma of a whole lot of kids on the guest list. If it is not going to be an adult’s only affair, then invite all the kids and look into planning some fun stuff for them. Here are some ideas:

Children love weddings! Ok let me rephrase that – children love parties! All and any kind of parties! So if you look into making your wedding a kids-friendly event, you will end up with lots of happy kids and parents too who can relax knowing their kids are not getting bored.

You could begin by creating a children’s area, which can be managed by a crèche, or day care centre, who are professionals with managing children of all ages. The kids can also be given little party packs with an activity to keep them busy. Maybe a craft activity with all the material needed to create something for the newlywed couple – like a wedding card! You could even hire an entertainer in costume and a bouncing castle – always a favorite! What about a little kiddy dance floor with different music and someone to lead their dancing along. Maybe end with a dance competition – but prizes for all!
For meals, you could create a fun kids dining area with cute little candy and chocolate centerpieces! They will love it! Don’t forget – serve them smaller portions though!

Oh, and just in case they do get tired – a nap area would be a great idea too! So in this way, their parents are able to really relax and have a good time without worrying about the kids.  

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