Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Five Must- Have Sari Blouses

A sari blouse is a very important aspect that completes a sari ensemble and it is always important to wear a blouse with the right fit and style to enhance the sari. Generally saris are paired with blouses of matching or similar fabrics. However, for those who do not wear saris very often, investing in sari blouses for every sari you own will not only occupy a lot of space in your wardrobe but also may not be practical. Here are five sari blouses, which can be mixed and matched with almost any sari!

Bring on the bling – These are shiny, shimmery blouses in a neutral color (gold, silver or even black) that can easily match any sari with gold and silver embroidery, respectively. These colors can be paired with almost any sari.

The Basic Blouse – Don’t forget the basic blouse in a classic style and a colour like black, red or gold depending on your wardrobe preferences.

The Brocade Blouse – A beautiful brocade blouse can accentuate the beauty of your ensemble and look elegant with almost any fabric. This blouse paired with a fairly simple sari can create just the right impact.

The Patchwork Blouse – Just for fun, a colorful blend of fabrics turned into a sari blouse is a fun element to have in your wardrobe.  This would instantly liven up a plain, fairly simple sari.

The Out of the box Blouse – One quirky blouse is always fun! This could be backless, a halter, corset, bikini, full sleeves, power shoulder, puff sleeve…. Go for it!!! 

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