Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Indian Wedding Décor – Rangoli

Rangoli is a traditional art of India, which mainly involves making colorful decorative patterns, usually at the entrances of homes, temples or any events during festive occasions. These designs are considered auspicious and are drawn to welcome the gods who are invoked during religious ceremonies of festivities.

Traditional rangolis designs are inspired from various mythological symbols such as the kalash. These designs have evolved over a period of time and include a mix of traditional colorful images such as florals, paisleys, and geometric motifs. Today, rangolis can be as big and elaborate as required, drawn by the traditional way of joining dots or made free hand or abstract, and may take more than a day to complete.

Use of Rangolis as a part of décor for weddings is said to have originated in the Ramayana, when Sita’s wedding Mandap was decorated with beautiful rangolis. Many wedding venues today will have traditional rangolis around the entrance. The designs can also be customized to match the mehndi designs, invites, themes or the colors of the wedding outfit.
Rangolis are made using various materials such as colored powders, flowers, spices, food grains and even colored stones. Multi colored petals or colored food grains are mostly preferred for rangolis at weddings as they are not messy and can be swept off easily, without leaving any marks.
For beginners, geometrical designs may be easier to implement as they basically involve joining dots in a single unbroken line. There are many stencils and moulds available in the market, which you can use to make colorful and neat designs yourself! The pattern or design is outlined on the floor with the help of a stencil and then filled with colored powder, petals or grains. Here are some fun rangoli designs! Enjoy and create your own! 

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