Monday, September 12, 2011

Bridal accessories: Maang Tika

The Maang Tika is a classic Indian piece of jewelry and is very popular for its traditional and intricate design. Although the Maang Tika has always been associated with bridal jewelry, it has also added glamour to many runways and formal occasions these days.

The ornament is a jeweled adaptation of the bindi and consists of a Tika which is the jeweled piece that rests on the forehead and the Maang which is the delicate chain which is hooked or attached to the hair. Apart from the string resting in the centre of the head, two additional strings may be present which are attached along the hairline, on either side of the head, behind the ears.

In early days, this ornament used to be more elaborate and heavy and therefore was worn only on traditional or certain important occasions. However today, there are more light and trendy versions available which have made it a popular accessory. Sensuous and delicate Maang Tikas made of studded stones and gold with a beautiful pearl or a droplet stone dangling on the end of the ornament can give you a very feminine and gorgeous look.

The Maang Tika has not only adorned the head of Indian beauties but is also quite popular in the west.

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