Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bridal accessories | Bindis

The bindi is a colored dot worn on the forehead, between the eyes and is an important part of the Indian bridal look.  The presence of a bindi on the forehead can be interpreted in two ways - one is a mythological significance where the bindi is said to represent the third eye and second is the social symbolism where it is said to represent the marital status of the woman wearing it. The bindi is now an ornament that is perpetually associated with the Indian culture and enhances the beauty of an Indian woman.

Today, the bindi is a must have fashion accessory! The color and style of the bindi may vary depending on occasion or even cultures. While a red bindi is a must have for any Indian bride, a black bindi is worn only by widows in some cultures. Similarly in Bengali customs, the beauty of the red bridal bindi is enhanced by white and red dots painted on either side of the bindi whereas a traditional Maharastrian bride is known to wear a crescent moon shaped bindi. The traditional powdered bindi or tikka has now evolved into the modern bindi stickers available in various sizes, shapes and studded with different stones to match every outfit your wear.

The charm of the bindi is not restricted to traditional attire and Indian wear but is also quite a popular fashion accessory flaunted by Hollywood divas like Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani and Madonna. Many Indian designers and celebrities have also set certain fashion trends by teaming innovative bindis with western outfits. We would love to know how you wear yours!

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