Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fun Ideas for your Wedding Guestbook

Having a guestbook at your wedding is a trend that many Indian brides seem to be keenly following these days. The guestbook is something in which your close family, friends and other guests write their compliments and wishes for you, which can also be preserved as a keepsake. There are many local stores where you can pick up your wedding guestbook. You can even place an order for a personalized guest book which contains the couple’s pictures, the logo or other wedding elements. Leather bound diaries, handmade paper diaries, photo books are some variations of the typical guestbook. For those who want their guestbook to be more than a wedding attendance register, there are many options for you to explore. Many couples like to have a blown up picture of them mounted with a border so that guests can write their wishes around the picture. This picture with the border can later be framed and prominently displayed in your home.

If you are not too keen on using a book, you can simply set up a table with some blank cards, colorful pens and a bowl or a box to hold your cards. Your guests can simply write their wishes and drop it into the box for you to read later. To make this more interesting, you can use postcards instead of blank cards and have your guests fill and drop these into a box. A close friend or family member can collect these postcards and actually mail them to you so that on returning from your honeymoon, you have a mailbox full of wishes and greetings for the newlyweds!

If you are the sort who loves the idea of an interactive guestbook, how about having your guests answer some interesting questions or put down the best thing or memories pertaining to you! Handmade paper with these questions can be left at the tables for your guests to fill in. These not only will bring out a laugh as you read the answers many years down the line, but will also serve as excellent ice breakers at your wedding. You can also have your guests jot down their thoughts on pieces of fabric instead of paper. Post wedding you can use these pieces to make a beautiful patchwork wedding quilt which will keep you cozy. We love this idea ☺

Another interesting and fun way to spice up your guest book is to have a photo booth at your reception. Quirky backdrops, fun props, some white boards with markers are all you need to get the best out from your guests. You can get some fun pictures which you can add to your guestbook. You can add some self adhesive photo corners to your guestbook so that your guests can slip in pictures clicked and write a few lines beside the picture as well.

Why not set up a video diary? All you need is a corner set up with a video recorder, a backdrop or not and your dear ones cheering and wishing you all the happiness in the world!

Another interesting idea is to have your guests sign a keepsake that you can later incorporate into your home d├ęcor. A beautiful white porcelain vase or porcelain plates filled with wishes inscribed by your guests is a unique keepsake which can be displayed for years to come. A fabulous Christmas wedding idea is to place some ornaments in a basket along with permanent colored markers and your guests can leave their wishes for the couple on these ornaments. You will relive many beautiful memories every year when you decorate your Christmas tree.

We would love to hear your guestbook ideas! The options are unending!

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