Saturday, March 3, 2012

Elements to create a beautiful Indian Wedding

Whether you are having a traditional Indian wedding or not, there are million ways to give your wedding a true Indian feel. Traditional elements can be subtly blended into the décor, table arrangements, food layout, entertainment and stationery for your wedding.

Indian prints such as Bandhini, Ikat, Lehriya, Batik and other similar fabrics are very famous for their vivid colors and prints. Hints of these styles can be infused into the table runners, napkins, cushions, signage and also the wedding stationery. Indian brocade is very rich and textile art like block prints, mirror work, embroidery etc can also be used in a similar way.

For the table arrangements, try using traditional urlis filled with flowers and diyas. The table settings can include brass crockery and cutlery to give it a more Indian look and feel. Candles with henna designs are a beautiful addition to the decor. Additional elements like peacock feathers, Indian embellishments, colorful bangles etc are also interesting props that can be added. Incorporating Indian motifs, bright Indian colors and Indian prints into your stationery and signage are also a great idea. Using Indian flowers in your décor also looks very pretty and fragrant and is an ideal option for making your wedding more traditionally Indian.

Why not have your bridal party dressed in Indian wear? Think about having Indian motifs and designs on your wedding cake.

Food is another aspect that India is very famous for and you can use this opportunity to pamper your guests with some delicious Indian cuisine. Taking into consideration the palate of your guests, you can go with lighter and non spicy options like chaat, different types of Indian breads, dal and mithai (Indian sweets).

When it comes to wedding entertainment, there is a wide variety of Indian music or even fusion music available today which are very good and suitable for solemn rituals and lively celebrations. There are also a lot of live entertainment options – think about an instrument like the harp but playing Indian tunes! The options are endless!

We hope that these wedding planning tips are useful for you to create a beautiful Indian wedding. 

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