Saturday, August 14, 2010

Interesting Facts about Indian Weddings

Traditional Indian weddings tend to be vibrant and elaborate affairs. You can expect a lot of color, music, interesting rituals, and of course a huge spread of food. Welcome to the world of Big Fat Indian weddings! Here are some of the rather interesting rituals that play a huge role in an Indian wedding.

Wedding Duration
Weddings in many Indian communities especially in the Hindu religion are a weeklong affair. During this time, pre-wedding functions take place such as the Mehendi ceremony (where the bride’s hands and feet are decorated with a beautiful henna design), engagement ceremony and party, the actual wedding ceremony and reception. It turns out to be one hectic, but merry week full of events.

Mehendi Ceremony
During the lavish Mehendi party when the bride and female guests come together and get henna-ed, the groom’s name is hidden tactfully in the actual Mehendi design of the bride!
Saying ‘I-do’
Equivalent to the western method of exchanging wedding vows, the Indian bride and groom partake in a ceremony called the “7 Pheras.” The couple walks around the holy fire seven times while the priest chant’s mantras. Each of the 7 rounds represents a single vow.
Fairytale Arrival
Interestingly, the groom and his family/friends form a procession till they reach wedding venue. Known as the “Baraat”, this tradition sees the groom seated on a white horse, while the rest of the procession dances to the band’s music.
Shoe Stealers
On the actual wedding day, the bride’s sisters “steal” the groom’s shoes! In return for his shoes, the groom has to pay whatever amount of cash that they ask for!

According to yet another amusing Indian wedding tradition commonly found in most Indian religions, the sisters of the groom block the entrance to the home when the groom brings home his bride. They demand money once again before letting him in.

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