Sunday, August 29, 2010

Getting married in Mumbai?

Mumbai, we love it! The colours, people, sights, sounds and smells all form a cocktail that is uniquely Mumbai. If living in this maximum city sounds hectic and yet somehow fun, try getting married here! The general mayhem during wedding season (usually October to February) is stuff best-selling stories are made of.

Planning a wedding in Mumbai is a process full of choices; this bustling city has many options for all kinds of budgets….maybe even too many! This definitely calls for the help of a planner, especially if you are from outside the city. Wedding planners in Mumbai can present you with all the possibilities in all parts of this widespread city. From romantic weddings by the sea at hotels, to traditional nuptials in wedding halls scattered in different suburbs to grand affairs in hotels; the possibilities are endless. One thing is for sure though, make sure you book your venue well in advance, there’s always someone waiting to snatch the place up! Talk to your wedding consultant about getting bookings done as much in advance as possible.

If your wedding and reception are at different venues, make allowances when you calculate timings. It may seem close enough but traffic can be crazy, especially during rush hour. If you have guests from out of town and are arranging for transport, keep in mind that there are numerous suburbs and areas that may be far flung from each other. Coordination is key. Booking venues close to your home or hotel can save you a bunch of time and stress…You can do without being stuck and hyperventilating in traffic on that big day!

Now, to the fun part, the shopping! Mumbai is definitely a shopper’s paradise; every neighbourhood is chock-a-block with shops of all kinds. There are innumerable stores, designer showrooms and fabric shops that cater exclusively to bridal wear in areas like Breach Candy and Santacruz. You are guaranteed to find something gorgeous, no matter what your budget may be. Check online, talk to friends, relatives and even your consultant for their top picks if you want to avoid store-hopping all over the city. If you are planning to put together small gifts for your guests, wholesale markets are probably your best bet. You can pick up pretty pouches, dry fruits, ribbon, baskets and all kinds of little trinkets to put together the perfect package.

It can get overwhelming for sure; but just do a little bit of homework and have fun exploring the varied and often surprising options.

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