Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Going Big with Bollywood

It is wedding season, a time for celebration, love, music, families and much more! Sounds a lot like a masala movie doesn’t it? If you are a Bollywood nut and love the magic and extravagance of the movies, why not incorporate it into your wedding. Bollywood themed receptions, sangeets or parties are a great way to infuse your personality and passion into your wedding celebrations.

Here are a few tips to throw a fun Bollywood bash:

  1. Start with the invitations by making them fun and unconventional. Fashioning a card to look like a movie reel, using a picture of your favourite Bollywood movie scene or mentioning your favourite dialogues all make for interesting cards.
  2. Have a costume reception. You can ask your guests to dress up as their favourite film stars or characters. The wedding couple can dress up like their all-time fav Bollywood couple! It’s so much more fun than just dressing up in your usual wedding finery. You can even have prizes for the best costumes.
  3. The venue is not as important as the decorations and d├ęcor for this kind of event. Colorful drapes, bead curtains and lots of lights are a great way to spruce up any room. Hang up images of famous movie scenes or even black and white posters of the famous old movies. Remember the more colour, the better…Bollywood is vibrant if nothing else! Another fun touch – Lay out a red carpet at the entrance with paparazzi photographers; your guests will have fun and you will end up with great candid pictures of everyone.
  4. The main essence of the movies is music and dance. You have to have the right music to get everyone on the dance floor! Make sure your DJ has the latest Bollywood dance numbers as well as the old favourites that you know everyone loves; if you don’t have a DJ, compile a playlist and ask friends to bring their favourite Bollywood tracks. Make sure you have a good medley of slow and fast songs. One of the favourite activities in Indian weddings is the choreographed dances the friends and family perform and a Bollywood themed reception or party is the perfect time to do it. If you have the budget, you can hire a choreographer to come and teach some mini dance routines at the party itself…fun for everyone!
  5. If you are having the event professionally handled, talk to your wedding planner about the right vendors for the job. Most vendors are getting savvy about themed parties nowadays and can supply items that suit your theme. A professional touch is helpful if you are planning something on a bigger scale. An experienced wedding planner will help you find the perfect venue and decorators for your Bollywood extravaganza.

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