Friday, February 25, 2011

Faking it with fashion jewellery

Aaaah! The resplendence of bridal finery…the lovely queen-like clothes, the adornment! One of the most enjoyable aspects of being an Indian bride is dressing up and playing princess for the numerous festivities. And oh yes, who can forget the jewellery!

India has no dearth of variety, the different kinds of stunning jewellery is mind-boggling. Kundan work, diamonds, gemstones, pearls, etc., there’s something for everyone. Getting your Indian wedding jewellery ready can be a huge drain on your finances, and that’s apart from the outfits. But fear not….there’s one option that’s becoming hugely popular – costume or fashion jewellery! A few of you might have cringed reading those words, but going fake need not be a step down. Stores in India have huge selections of costume jewellery nowadays. Glittering chandelier earrings, chic gold cuffs, cocktail rings et al can be yours for a fraction of the price compared to the real deal. Vintage pieces that are more often costume are very much the trend right now too.

If you still can’t see yourself wearing costume jewellery for your wedding ceremony, definitely consider the option for your numerous other wedding related functions like the sangeet, mehndi or cockail party. Thanks to their relative affordability (branded costume jewellery can be expensive too, mind you!) matching your jewellery sets to your outfit is a piece of cake; stores even change the beads, stones and polish for you so you can use for your favourite pieces over and over again. Gold plated jewellery is also popular among those who want the look of gold but without the hefty price tags. A lot of us nowadays can’t justify spending a whole lot of cash for one day or don’t have the means to do so; costume jewellery takes cares of your woes; you can buy stunning pieces and yet keep within budget.

Fashion jewellery is no longer considered tacky, thanks to the great quality of jewellery available. Well-made fashion jewellery can even look chicer than the real stuff! Styles ranging from modern to traditional, stonework to rhinestones, you can play around and even pick up a couple of options. Like all jewellery, real or costume, pay attention to the finish. A so-so quality and finish can ruin your whole look and make it look inexpensive. Brides can even have designs custom-made, for something uniquely their own. Remember, style and elegance need not mean a hefty price tag. Enjoy your baubles!

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