Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fun & Games at Indian Weddings

The Indian wedding is a delightful series of ceremonies that continue for weeks and that do not culminate until well after the actual wedding. These celebrations, fun and games continue to make a wedding something to cherish and remember always. Indian weddings are no doubt the liveliest knot tying events worldwide. The scattering of ceremonies pre and post the Indian wedding are designed to make the bride and grooms families comfortable with each other. The fun and games right through the wedding endear the brides friends and relatives to their counterparts. These games have come down over the ages and are looked forward to all members of both entourages. Here are some of the games:


The groom always removes his shoes before sitting down for the wedding ceremony at the Mandap. The brides’ friends try and pinch his shoes (which are being guarded by the grooms’ friends) and make away with them. For the sake of good humor the shoes are normally “allowed” to be stolen. These are then retrieved after some good natured bargaining when the groom agrees to pay a price to get them back. This game is good humored and breaks the ice between both sides and is accompanied by lots of laughter and leg pulling. The game is normally reserved for the younger crowd.


A gold ring is placed in a large bowl of milk and the bride and groom both asked to immerse their hands into this and fish for it. Whoever retrieves the ring first is the winner, which normally is the bride! Belief has it that the person who gets hold of the ring first rules the relationship. This is a lighthearted game after the wedding is over and seeks to make the bride more comfortable in her new home.


One hand each of the bride and groom are knotted together by a string. Both have to work together to release this in the presence of a large crowd of relatives. Very often the knot just does not open and this is a sign of everlasting happiness.


This is another game played after the wedding has been completed. The couple sits facing in opposite directions with a pillow between them while one of the relatives prods the bride and groom with questions one at a time. Responses by both are only allowed in nods and the questions are hilarious. This game gets the brides mind off her parents as the first few days after a wedding can be quite depressing. Lots of laughter in this game as some of the questions are targeted at members of the family.


This naughty game is played on completion of the wedding ceremony once the bride arrives with the groom to his house. The grooms sisters block the brides’ entry at the door to the house and insist that she bows to a cloth covered deity at the doorstep. The bride bows her head in respect to the family deity after which it is uncovered to show a heap of shoes. This cheeky little game is fun filled with giggles and attempts the cheer the bride and liven her up.
Here is to more fun and games at the always colorful and vibrant Indian weddings!

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