Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mandap Ideas for a Beach Wedding

Getting married with the golden sands, towering palm trees and azure waters, is like having one of the prettiest backdrops ever right for the taking. Beach weddings can be a beautiful affair and can be modified to cater to both formal and more casual Indian wedding functions. Different aspects in the décor you choose can make a big difference to the ambience and theme of your tropical nuptials. One of the biggest decorating elements to think of is the mandap you choose.

From a practical stand point, a beach wedding in the day can be super hot and you need something sheltering you while the ceremony is on. And from an aesthetic point of a view a gorgeous mandap creates the perfect focal point for your wedding and a great frame to one of the most important rituals of your life. Many a time a beach wedding set up doesn’t require too many embellishments by way of décor, because the natural surroundings are pretty enough. A lovely mandap in front of the waters can look so amazing. Beautiful simple mandaps in light colours and even a lovely pristine white or off white is perfect, brighter earthier colours can also offer a good contrast to the colours on the beach. Although colours are favoured in Indian weddings, lots of whites can look effortless, romantic and cool in this particular instance.

A mandap on the beach for a day time event can be decorated with lots of fresh tropical colours in delicious colours of your choice. The use of drapes, ladis, strings of flowers and other simple and whimsical touches can accentuate a pretty mandap. In the night you can use gorgeous strings of lights, colourful lanterns and even use metallic and gilded fabrics in light gold or silver for the drapes. If you plan on having a tent for a reception or meal, the artful use of lights, colours and fabric can make a big difference. Design elements like tiny, twinkling lights strung up like stars, colourful blooming centerpieces as well as offbeat additions like branches and greenry on the tent ceiling strewn with lamps, coloured and glittery fabrics and more can be used to create the ambience you desire.

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