Saturday, March 26, 2011

Choreographed dance for your Indian Reception or Sangeet?

Many couples have their friends as well as themselves book the services of a professional choreographer to prepare them for the super fun Sangeet. Here there is very often a boys side vs girls side dance performance or even a dance performance in the form of a skit which tells the love story of the couple (of course in a very fun style!) Some couples use a choreographer for their special Wedding Reception to choreograph a dance sequence for their first dance.

Either way, we think these dance sequences are fun and a great way to really show off your dancing skills and have fun at the same time. The sessions with the choreographer in the weeks leading up to the wedding can be great fun and a super stress buster too.

The latest trend is a mix of Bollywood and Western dance. Something to remember - record your practice sessions on video (great for reference later in case you forget the steps, and good footage to use at some point in your wedding video maybe!) At a few weddings that we have managed, the video was uploaded to YouTube so that friends abroad could learn the steps as they came to India very few days prior to the wedding and there was not too much time to learn.

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