Monday, April 25, 2011

The Much Anticipated Royal Wedding

We are so very excited about the Royal Wedding! Every bit of information we can lay our hands on, speculations galore – all of it! We just can’t wait! So this Friday, April 29th, the team at Marry Me will have a holiday! Yes its true! I am sure the royal wedding will set many trends for us wedding planners going forward.

Now, we also have a few Indian connections to the Royal Wedding that we are super excited about! Firstly, famous Bollywood choreographer, Sandip Soparkar and Jesse Randhawa will be performing the final dance – a special Bollywood waltz at the Royal Wedding Reception. We can’t wait to see what the performance is all about. Sandip and Jesse have previously performed for Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s wedding in India. We have also just heard that guests at the reception will be gifted exotic made-in-India cashmere scarves. These have been specially designed for the occasion and have already been delivered to the family.

Four more days to go, its the final countdown!

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