Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Table names for your Indian Wedding Reception

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Your wedding reception tables have a number. Of course! But that is just so boring! Why not incorporate something personal about the two of you into your table names – make it creative and give your guests something to chat about. So you could name your tables after the places you have visited together (along with the picture!) or the islands you will visit on your honeymoon. What about the word ‘Love’ in various languages – this is a simply beautiful idea!

But lets look at how you can incorporate your Indian heritage and traditions into the Reception. Maybe you could name your tables after the various Indian spices – that will definitely get guests chatting. Or you could name them after the different items/parts of a traditional Indian wedding along with the meaning of each (Pheras, Sindoor, Haldi, Varmala etc). This is especially a good idea if you will have a lot of non Indian guests. They will understand more about the Indian wedding ceremony and this could be very interesting. What about the cities in India that you grew up in, your parents or grandparents are from, where you went to school, and so on – this really would make your guests feel welcome. Another idea you could consider, is the palaces in India! There are so many of them and are they are simply gorgeous – you could even get some beautiful photos of them and frame them along with their names to add a royal touch to your reception.

The options are limitless, so how are you planning to name your tables?

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