Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tips on choosing your Varmala

 One of the most significant parts of an Indian wedding is the exchange of the varmala or jaimala. The exchange of garlands symbolizes the bride and groom’s respect for each other as well as their promise to accept each another. The Indian wedding garlands are usually made of vibrantly colored fresh flowers that are strung together. The size and style of the garland differs between Indian communities. The most common flowers traditionally used in the varmala are red roses. Along with this garlands can also use orchids, carnations, mogras and various other flowers. Nowadays, we are seeing more unique varmalas to keep with the contemporary theme of the wedding, as well as the always classic, traditional varmala.

Tips on selecting your varmalas or wedding garlands:
  1. Decide on the flowers and style/theme you would like to use. Keep in mind availability of the flowers based on the season.
  2. Select your color scheme of the varmala and remember to keep in mind the colors of your outfits.
  3. Decide on the size of the varmala and quantity of flowers used. South Indian weddings tend to have larger, longer varamalas as compared to the north Indian weddings.
  4. Remember to have your varmalas delivered as close to the wedding time as possible. Store them in cold storage as the heat can destroy the flowers.

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